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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and data protection
[01] Digibonum AG treats all company and personal data that it learns in connection with its activities or that it generates through its activities (e.g. test reports) with absolute confidentiality. She does not pass them on to unauthorized persons or external third parties. Exceptions are permitted if an organization or individual expressly authorizes Digibonum AG to do so. It is also permissible to mention customer names as a general reference.
[02] Personal data that is particularly worthy of protection (e.g. personality profiles) is handled by Digibonum AG with the necessary care that at least complies with the provisions of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.
[03] If individual, personal reports on individual members of an organization are created as part of orders, Digibonum AG considers these individuals to be the only authorized recipients of this information, regardless of who placed or paid for the order.
[04] As a matter of principle, Digibonum AG will only provide reports or information within the meaning of item [03] to the authorized persons. Reports or information to other persons, in particular also to other members of the organization and superiors, shall only be provided with the consent of the authorized person.
[05] A procedure that deviates from point [04] is permitted if a different procedure is reasonable and has been agreed in a way that is recognizable to all parties involved (e.g. in the context of suitability clarifications, assessments, employee surveys, etc.). If the employees concerned have been informed of the deviating procedure in advance and do not object, it is deemed to have been accepted.
[06] The protection of the client's privacy is of the utmost importance to Digibonum AG. It will of course comply with the statutory provisions on data protection. The client has the option at any time to request information free of charge about the data stored about him (scope, purpose) or to request its deletion. This data will not be passed on to third parties without express permission.
4.3 Intellectual property
[07] In order to fulfill its business purposes, Digibonum AG uses generally available technical knowledge and methods, knowledge acquired from other sources, and knowledge that it has developed, refined, and adapted to the specific circumstances of its customers.
[08] If technical and methodological knowledge is taken from other sources, this will be declared in the sense of a citation, or there is a corresponding agreement between Digibonum AG and the owner of the copyright.
[09] Digibonum AG claims copyright on all of its documents.
[10] The use of Digibonum AG documents, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is only permitted with the express consent of Digibonum AG or under a license agreement.

[11] Users can log in to with their Facebook account. The data from Facebook is only used for the login. The following Facebook data is used for this purpose: first name, last name and email. The deletion of any data can be requested via E-Mail to:

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