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Never lose again.


Tim lost his keys,

see what then happend.


Let the finder contact you,

if you have lost something.

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How it works

How it works

1. Tag all items you love

2. Lose it ;-)

3. Your finder will send you a found-message per E-Mail and SMS

4. Get your loved item back

Tag all items you love with a Lost-Tag pendant or sticker. If you lose it, the finder will be able to send you an E-mail and SMS through, without seeing your personal details. The finder only sees your motivation text and finder's fee, which you can enter during the registration.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Already sold more than 200'000 Lost-Tags

Barbara, Zurich

I found a bag on the train and could easily get in touch with the owner. I even got a finder's reward. 

Patricia, Hamburg

I left my umbrella in the cinema. Before I even noticed it, I got contacted by the finder. How cool is this. 

Stefano, London

I lost my keys already twice and got it always back very quickly.  I was so suprised how good Lost-Tag works. 

Our Engagement

Mother and Daughter Love

We support international organizations who care for lost children. 

For each Lost-Tag sold, 1$ goes to the organizations.

Our Engagement

Free shipping to Switzerland 

Delivery in 2-3 days

Return if you are not happy (14 days)

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